Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finding the perfect Regency Portraits for Colonel Fitzwilliam and Lady Grace

I have made the brave decision to self-publish. I am quaking on fear in the inside and I have to ask myself what insane urge has processed me to think such thoughts. I have ambition and I have always wanted to see my name in print, I’m a bit self-centered that way. As I work on finishing my story and then thrusting it on my nice, yet great critiquing friends, I have been pursuing the wonderful realm of Regency paintings. What fun!

I was also in a conundrum as my twitter friend Farah (Hi Farah *waves) did a fantastic piece of artwork portraying my heroine Lady Grace. As I rifled through the romance section of the bookstore I came to realize that these books often have a cover picture and then a picture on the inside. So, why can’t I have to best of both worlds?

Here is Farah’s fantastic artwork. I really love it! I really do. :D

Farah Khan Sadozai 2011

Here is my portrait of Colonel Fitzwilliam at the moment. At least this is the one I like best. I don't know if I will like something better later, but for the moment here he is in all his glory. Even better it is public domain so I am legally allowed to use it.

John Vanderlyn Self-Portrait 1800

Here is my portrait of Lady Grace. I have yet to figure out if this lovely image is public domain. If it is not then we are back to square one which would make me sad as I have fallen in love with this one. Besides finding a Regency image of a redhead with green eyes is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Portait of Princess Marthe Bibesco by Giovanni Boldini 1911

What do you think of these images?

Finally, looking for an image of a potential Darcy for one of my twitter friends, Nancy Kelley, who will be self-publishing later this year I stumbled across this hot portrait. She thought I intended him to be Colonel Fitzwilliam. Now the wheels turn. Oh, dear!
Eugene Delacroix self-portrait


Nancy Kelley said...

Lovely! Lady Grace is perfect. I'm torn between the two gents for Col. F... Delecroix has the hotness factor, and that lovely Gallic tortured look, but the first one looks... well, frankly more English. Delacroix is very decidedly French. Maybe Lady Matlock is French?

Yes, the wheels are definitely turning!

Poof...books! said...

I agree with Nancy about the underlying English pull of the first portrait versus the Delacroix. I am not sold on how you are going to utilize this portrait or what it will value add.

Boy Farah certainly deserves a big thank you for her portrait. She is fast becoming a Twitter Austen phenom.

Jen Miller said...

I definitely like the first gentleman as your Fitzwilliam and I agree with Nancy about Delacroix being French, too French for Fitzwiliam. :D And Lady Grace is beautiful!

Jessica said...

Have you tried Wikimedia commons? Also, you can do a LOT with portraits in photoshop, etc., to make them more book cover material. Have you seen the before and after of the painting used for the new Caroline Bingley cover?

I like portrait 1 for Col. Fitzwilliam, also keeping my eyes peeled :)