Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding Comfort: Jane Austen and The Golden Girls

Besides Jane Austen, I have to admit to another guilty pleasure in The Golden Girls. Never mind that the show premiered the year I was born but The Golden Girls is my comfort show. Just like a big bowl of macaroni and cheese or a cup of coffee and an old black and white film I’m an old soul and like all things before my time. Ok, maybe not all things.

So, what do Golden Girls and Jane Austen have in common? Absolutely nothing, except that just as Jane Austen wrote about the intricacies of society so did Golden Girls show true friendship.

Plus, Rose was a storyteller like no other.

The Golden Girls are like old friends to me. I go to them when I am down or when I need a really good laugh, but Golden Girls could be serious as well in an effort to make a point. I love that. Jane Austen is also a comfort when I don’t want to read other books. Sometimes I just want what only Jane Austen can give me.

As I sit here nervously pecking away at my novel and the sending it off for edits to some great friends I grow more determined to finish so I can self-publish. As many of my twitter friends know self-publishing was not on the top of my list. In other words, I was a big scared cat cowering in the corner. I have decided to come out from my corner with a little help from my comfort places….Jane Austen and The Golden Girls, oh and a little help from twitter friends. I have some great friends at home, but I haven’t gained the nerve to tell them of my new venture yet. I’ll get there someday.

Every writer has some comfort places whether it is in books, television, movies or a place. Sometimes we just need to go there for a little comfort. Then we return to our crazy writing habits again.


Nancy Kelley said...

Hmmm, writerly comfort places... Sometimes (like right now) when I've worked hard all day on my own story, I just need to escape into someone else's. I do want to edit some more tonight, but I feel like my creative cup is empty and I need to fill up. I'm going to take a hot bath (comfort place #1) and read some Georgette Heyer and Mary Stewart. We'll see if I feel like writing when I get out, or if I just want to go to bed and rest for tomorrow's work.

Kate Dana said...

Ah. Georgette Heyer is a hoot. Another good comfort.