Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Dress: Inspired by Grace Kelly?

It was 3AM on the California west coast when the Royal Wedding was playing on my t.v. I was asleep and rose promptly at 5am as I do every day of the workweek. I skipped my morning workout to catch the Royal kiss. Then I caught up on the ceremony on the internet and I was entranced by Kate---excuse me Catherine’s dress. How exquisite it was.

The dress reminded me of the dress Grace Kelly married in when she became Princess of Monaco. Take a look at both dresses.

Was Kate inspired by Grace? Either way I have to say the dress was befitting of an elegant and beautiful woman. I am a Grace Kelly admirer and if Kate wants to channel Grace Kelly I have no objections.

Congratulations to Catherine and William


Debra Brown said...

Ah! It does look like it from that view. I will have to check the web for more pictures. Great catch! And just as I spoke, Piers Morgan said the same thing. Like Princess Grace.

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

The dress is gorgeous - I knew it would be, but wow ... It does look a lot like Grace Kelly's! It also kinda reminds me of Mia's in the Princess Diaries 2 (hehe) ... Simply beautiful though.

DeAuna Marks said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures Kaydee!!