Monday, January 23, 2012

The 2012 Goal Posts or Tea Time

Everyone has goals and I’ll admit to not being very good meeting certain goals, such as exercise and weight loss, but I feel like I should always make a list of goals so I have something to aspire to each year. Here is my list of goals for 2012.

1.       Publish Colonel Fitzwilliam: Everyone keeps telling me how excited they are for this book (Oh, the pressure!). I am very intent on meeting this goal and am happy to say that rewrites are coming along very nicely.

2.       The Northanger Abbey Vignettes: As many of you know I wrote a Northanger Abbey short story last year. Northanger Abbey is one of my favorite Jane Austen works and I am in love with Henry Tilney. In 2012 I want to work on additional NA vignettes and compile it into a small anthology.  

3.       Go Cruelty-free: Replace all face & body and cleaning products with cruelty-free products by year’s end. I love animals and can’t stomach the thought of using products that have been tested on animals. As part of my personal commitment I am making a determined effort to only buy cruelty free products.

4.       Pay off my credit card debt: I have two remaining credit cards which need to be paid off. One of those will be paid off by February which will leave on credit card to pay off by year’s end.

5.       Travel to France: My mom is taking a group of high school students and adults on a ten day trip in July. The trip will take them to France and Switzerland. I will be accompanying her and am very excited that I will get to speak French the whole time. I have been saving up for this trip for a while now which makes it all the more fantastic.

6.       JASNA AGM: I would like to attend this year’s AGM, but I am not confident that my finances will accommodate it, partly because Goal #5 (see above). That does not mean I cannot attend the 2013 or the 2014 AGM. I lean toward 2014 only because it is in Montreal and I really look for any excuse to speak French.

7.       Buy American Made: Living in the United States it is sad to say we outsource a lot in an effort to produce a cheaper product. In an effort to support the economy where I live, I try, whenever possible, to buy products Made in the U.S.A. It’s not easy and sometimes it costs a little more, but nothing can replace the feeling you get when you feel like you are doing something to help out.

8.       Volunteer at my Local Library: I love to read. This year I would like to be involved with the adult reading program which helps adults learn to read. I cannot think of anything more rewarding and I get to share the joy of reading with another.

What are your goals for 2012?


Jessica said...

Good luck! France sounds fun!

Nancy Kelley said...

Those are fabulous goals, Kate, and most them seem well within reach. Go for it!

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Great goals, and I agree with Nancy: most seem attainable/within reach! :o) It'll be fun to hear about/see them unfold this year

Meredith said...

What inspiring goals, Kate! Good luck in 2012! I remember your NA vignette from Austenesque Extravaganza, it was fantastic! I look forward to reading more of your work!

ArrozConPollo said...

I haven't read any Syrie James books yet, but seeing as she's such a big fan of historical romance, and a Jane Austen fan at that! I will give her a try!