Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jane Austen in the News

Remember my previous post, Better than Jane Austen? Are Women writers inferior to male writers?, where I discussed Nobel Prize winner V.S Naipaul calling Jane Austen sentimental? Author and Professor of English at Brooklyn College, Rachel M Brownstein has written a fabulous article titled The Unsentimental Jane Austen which appears in The Daily Beast where she argues that the enduring fascination with Jane Austen is because of her take on life and love. Check it out!

The Unsentimental Jane Austen by Rachel M Brownstein

Rachel Brownstein is also the author of Becoming a Heroine: Reading About Women in Novels and Tragic Muse: Rachel of the Comédie Française.
Look for her upcoming book Why Jane Austen? I’ll be posting a review as soon as my ARC arrives and I can read it. I’m very excited about this one. :)

In other news Austen Author Jennifer Becton is releasing a thriller titled Absolute Liability later this summer. Look for my review here in the next couple of weeks.

She is also set to release another Austen sequel later this summer titled Caroline Bingley.

Jennifer Becton is also the author of Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Pride and Prejudice and short story Maria Lucas: A Short Story in the Personages of Pride and Prejudice.

That is just some great Jane Austen news. Exciting things are happening in the world of Austen.

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