Thursday, May 19, 2011

Releasing Colonel Fitzwilliam: An Austenesque Novel Release Announcement

It’s time for the big announcement if you have not already followed my twitter feed. I’ve been pecking away and toiling to complete my first novel. I am happy to report that it is flowing nicely and should be ready for edits in the next month or so. YAY! I have picked a release date for my novel. Drum roll please……

MARCH 2012

Ok, so it is missing an actual day, but we have the month and year which is significant. I have a DEADLINE! It has motivated me to work faster.

I have decided to self-publish with CreateSpace. It is the best option and it is easy to use. I already uploaded a portion of the novel to my Kindle just to see what it would look like. Not bad, but it needs to be formatted and most importantly edited. I’m on the indie author route.

My novel is titled Saving Grace. It is a Jane Austen sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Colonel Fitzwilliam is the hero and he has been a delight to write. I have realized my book title needs to also have something included to denote that it is in the Austen Sequel genre. Any ideas?

Without further ado I would like to thank Jessica over at NarniaMum (she’s self publishing a Sleeping Beauty story) for writing out a back cover synopsis of my novel. This is subject to change, but just so you know my original synopsis was a bit pathetic compared to the one below which has pizzazz. I hope you are intrigued.

Saving Grace: A Continuing of Pride and Prejudice*

March 2012

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam has spent the last several years battling Napoleon's army. Although he has returned home to the loving arms of his family, he cannot quiet the battles that still rage in his mind and soul.

Lady Grace MacKenna is battling demons of her own. Beautiful and passionate, Lady Grace is bound by the strictures of a society which shuns her, and must hide her broken heart. Although Colonel Fitzwilliam has sworn off romance, there is something about Lady Grace's melancholy beauty that inexorably draws him.

Can these two wounded souls find healing in each other's arms, or will the fire of their attraction consume them?

*That portion of the title, A Continuing of Pride and Prejudice, is subject to change as I feel it too closely mirrors author Jennifer Becton’s secondary title A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Also check out Nancy at Austen Aspirations as watch her journey on the self publishing route for her Austen sequel, His Good Opinion. :D


lovesjaneausten said...

Hi Kaydee- I am delighted to read you will be publishing your story. It will be on my must read list-The sneak peek you so generously shared with me wanted to keep reading...The hardest part of writing-BRAVO! You have written your Colonial Fitzwilliam in such a way that equals many Austen Heroes...Darcy should be shaking in his boots...His cousin may challenge is Hero status after all. :-)-Susan aka at twitter as @lovesjaneausten

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Snazzzzzzy! It's so official-sounding :oD So exciting, I might do a little mini happy-dance in my beanbag chair, hehe ;o)

Unknown said...

I don't care if you mirror my subtitle, but I've found that using the word sequel might actually increase your visibility on BN. They have a wacky search engine.


Jessica said...

Yay! Can't wait to read (and buy!) your story! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting, Kaydee! I'll put you on my reading list for March. I'm aiming for sometime this summer for mine.

Nancy Kelley said...

This is fabulous, Kaydee! Jessica is going to end up as the back cover blurb writer of the group--I haven't even attempted mine. *sigh*

Debra Brown said...

Congrats on the book! I'll be watching for it in March.